1800 Union County Census Maps of South Carolina
Arranged by C. W. Barnum March 2014

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1800 Union County SC Census
1800 Census County Maps

  The South Carolina Judicial Districts in 1769 are shown below. Prior to 1760, South Carolina had one court which was located in Charleston. As the population increased in the north, east and west, the Circuit Court Act was passed by the SC Legislature in 1768. In 1769, seven circuit court districts were established with courthouses. The Ninety-Six District courthouse was established in the village of Ninety-Six. The seven boundaries existed  until 1785. In 1777, the Cherokee Indian lands beame part of South Carolina. Source Union County was formed in 1798. [Note: It was the Ninety Six District, not the 96th District.]  
  In 1785, South Carolina laid out counties in each of the then existing Judicial Districts that existed since 1769. Those existed from 1786 to 1791.
Greenville Count was established in 1786. Pendleton County was established in 1789 from the former Chorkee lands. Source

Union County has court records from 1785 that are held in the office of the Clerk of Court. Union County was a part of the Ninety-Six District from 1785 - 1791 and the Pinckney District from 1791 - 1800. 
Records of the Ninety-Six District court are housed in Abbeville County with the Clerk of Court. The records of the Pinckney District courts housed in York County with the Clerk of Court.
The records of Western and Pinckney Equity Circuit Districts are stored in Union County.