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1779 'Census' Listing for Ninety Six District South Carolina
Arranged by C. W. Barnum March 2014
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1779 Ninety Six District Census substitute
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The Familysearch.org website reported this: Sarrett, Paul R. 1779 Census Ninety-Six District, South Carolina, available online. After an extensive search, your webmaster found no census in 1779 for the Ninety Six District.
The names below were collected from various sources such as the Loyalist Proclamations of November 8, 1779 and December 16, 1779. This list contains South Carolina Grand Jury Lists for the
Ninety Six Judicial District of 1779 in Spartan Division. The collection below is properly termed a
Census substitute. It would serve better as such if it included the names found in wills, probates, taxes, church records and deeds. 
Your webmaster will be building a more complete 1770 to 1799 census substitute in the coming months.

Surname First name Surname First name Surname First name Surname First name
Abercrombie James Dowing John Kennedy John Presley David
Abercrombie John Dowing Patrick Kennedy William Preter John
Abernathy James Downes Jonathan Keown James Price John
Abernathy John Downing Josiah Kerr Samuel Prichard John
Able John Downs George Kerr William Prince Edward
Able Joseph Dreen Thomas Key Henry Prine Francis
Abney Dennett Drew Joseph Key Michael Proctor Robert
Abney Nathaniel Driper Thomas Killcress Arthur Proctor Samuel
Abney Paul Dudley Pruett Killcress Obadiah Protor Brice
Abney Smuel Duggins Thomas King Charles Pruet David
Abney William Dukes John King Etheldred Pstevens Ebenetus
Adair Benjamin Dukes Richard King Joseph Puckett Charles
Adair James Duncan James King Richard Puckett James
Adair Joseph Duncan John King Thomas Pugh Edward
Adair Robert Duncan Samuel Kirk James Purda John
Adair William Duncan Samuel Kirkland Richard Purdy Henry
Adams George Dunlap John Kirkland Thomas Purkins Daniel
Adams James Dunlap John Kirkland William Purves John
Adams James Dunlap Samuel Kirkwood James Pussell John
Adams John Dunlap William Lacey William Qualls Moses
Addis Richard Dunn James Laird Lodwick Queen Hugh
Aeair John Dupee Joseph Laird Samuel Rainey Benjamin
Agnew Samuel Durbrough Benjamin Landoum Samuel Ramage John
Alexander James Durbrough Benjamin Landtrys Unknown Rambo Laurence Jun.
Allen David Durham Arthur Lang David Rambo Lawrence
Allen John Duriah James Lang James Rambo Swan
Allen Josiah Dutton Jeremiah Lang Richard Ramsey Alexander
Allen Robert Dyson James Lang Robert Ramsey Daniel
Allen Robert Eakins John Lang William Ramsey Samuel
Allen Sherwood Earnest George Langdon Thomas Ramsey Samuel
Allison James East Isham Langley Isham Ramsey Thomas
Allison James East Josiah Langley Isham Ransford John
Allison Richard Eastland Thomas Langley Jacob Rapley Richard A.
Allison Robert Eastwood Lawrence Largent Thomas Ray James
Anderson Abel Edgehill Thomas Largent Thomas Ray James
Anderson Abraham Edings Benjamin Larimor Edward Ray Thomas
Anderson Andrew Edmiston John Lark John Read Hugh
Anderson Benjamin Edmiston Moses Lasles James Read Owen
Anderson Culbert Edward John Lasles Williamson Rearden Timothy
Anderson Culbert Edwards Charles Lasley William Reed Abraham
Anderson George Edwards James Laton Joshua Reed George
Anderson George Edwards James Laton Thomas Reed Joseph
Anderson Henry Edwards John Lattimer Francis Reed Joshua
Anderson James Edwards Peter Lawrence Benjamin Reeder William
Anderson James Edwards Thomas Lawrence John Rees David
Anderson John Egar Andrew Leach Thomas Rees Joseph
Anderson John Egar John Lee Andrew Reid Arthur
Anderson Levy Elemon Enos Lee James Brown Reyley Eliphaz
Anderson Richard Elleman John Lee John Brown Reynolds Andrew
Anderson Robert Ellerman Abner Lee Michael Rhoden Thomas
Anderson Samuel Elliott John Lee Thomas Rhoden Thomas
Anderson Stephen Ellis Edmond Lee William Richardson Amos
Anderson Stephen Ellis Simeon Leffan James Richardson Amos
Anderson Thomas Ellis William Lemar James Richardson Daniel
Anderson William Ellison Thomas Lemar Philip Richardson John
Anderson William Ellison William Lemar Robert Richardson Peter
Anesworth James Elmore Stephen Lemar Thomas Richardson William
Appleton Thomas Elvin Michael Leopold Thomas Richey James
Argo John Emrey Moses Lesley John Richey John
Arington William English Andrew Lesley William Ridgall John
Armstrong James English William Lessly Samuel Ridgeway John
Arnold George Erwin Robert Letcher James Ridingman John
Aspenal William Eskridge Burded Levill Robert Right Tichard
Atkins Benjamin Esler Hugh Lewis Azariah Riley John
Atkins Francis Etheridge Lott Lewis Benjamin Riley Patrick
Atkins Hugh Evans Ezekial Lewis Crawford Riley Tarina
Atkins Hugh Evans Isaac Lewis Isaac Risinger Thomas
Atkins John Evans John Lewis Thomas Ritchey William
Atkins John Evans John Ley Richard Roach Patrick
Atkins Joseph Evans Robert Liddle Andrew Roberson William
Atkins Lewis Evant Thomas Liddle James Robert Absolam
Atkins Peter Ewing Thomas Lightsey George Roberts Henry
Bacon Nathaniel Falk John Liles John Roberts Jacob
Badjeaw Nicholas Fanning James Liles John Roberts John
Bagley William Fanquhere Thomas Limbucker George Roberts John
Bags John Faris Robert Linam George Roberts Thomas
Bailey John Farmer Joel Lindley Isaac Roberts Vincent
Bailey John Fauguhere Thomas Lindley James Roberts Walter
Baisdane James Favours Reuben Lindley John Robertson Andrew
Baker Elijah Felaw Lewis Lindsay John Robertson Elisha
Baker Elisha Felcher Thomas Lindsay Samuel Robertson John
Baker Nicholas Ferguson David Lindsayh Moses Robertson Matthew
Ball Mark Fincher Samuel Lindsey Ezekiel Robertson Patrick
Balote Elie, Peter Finley James Lindsey John Robeson John
Balote John Finley William Linsey Abraham Robeson William
Balton Henry Finney William Linsey John Robinson John
Banks Rivers Fish Joseph Lissey Thomas Robinson Joseph
Banks Thomas Flanigan Reuben Little George Robinson Matthew
Banks William Fleming Samuel Little James Robinson Nathaniel
Bansey Nicholas Flemingham Bartholomew Little John Robinson Randol
Baptistere John Fletchall Thomas Little Jones Robinson William
Bardin Ansell Fletcher Edward Little Joseph Robinson William
Barksdale John Foister Robert Little William Rockbridge James
Barksdale Nathan Forbes James Little William Jun. Roderick John
Barksdale Thomas Ford James Littleton Charles Rodgers Andrew
Barksdale William Fordren James Liveret Robert Rodgers Andrew Jun.
Barlow John Foreman Isaac Lodge William Rodgers Daniel
Barns Barnard Fort Drury Sen. Lofton John Rodgers Isaac
Barrett Richard Fort Moses Lofton William Rodgers Jeremiah
Barronton James Fortteman Drivery Logan Andrew Rodgers John
Bartleson John Foskey Nathaniel Logan Francis Rodgers Joshua
Barton Joseph Foster Alexander Logan Henry Rodgers Peter
Baskins William Foster Andrew Logan John Rodgers Robert
Bates Joseph Foster James Lomanick Jacob Rodgers Stephen
Batey David Foster James Jun. Lomanuk Jacob Sen. Rodgers William
Baugh William Foster John Long George Rodgers William
Bayle Peter Foster John, Jr. Long Henry Ronalds Joseph
Bayley George Foster Moses Long James Roofe George
Bays John Foster Samuel Jun. Long Robert Rosemand John
Bealy John Foster Samuel Sen. Longmire George Rosemand Samuel
Beam Alexander Fourtier Jacob Loosk James Ross Andrew
Bean William Fowler Richard Love Matthew Ross Robert
Bean William Fowler Richard Jun. Lowery William Ross Thomas
Beard John Fowler Richard Sen. Luckie John Ross William
Beard Thomas Fowler William Luckie William Ross William
Beard William Foxe James Lucus John Roundtree Jethro
Beaty Thomas Foy Peter Lunday George Roundtree Job
Bedingfield John Franklin Ephraim Lynch Aaron Roundtree Richardson
Beels John Franklin Nehemiah Lynn Valentine Roundtree Turner
Belard Jacob Franklin Thomas Mabry Joel Rowe Cornelius
Bell John Fraser Isaac Madding John Rowell Edward
Bell John Fraser Robert Madding Lock Ruble Peter
Below Riny Fraylick Adam Maens William Ruff Cudgick
Bennett John Frazer Daniel Mahon James Russel Christopher
Bennett William Frazer John Mahone John Russel John
Benson James Frederick Alexander Mairs Robert Russel Robert
Benson William Frederick Jacob Mairston John Russel William
Bentley Jeremiah Freeman William Manarey Gilbert Rutledge Reason
Benton Lazarus Freeman William Manau Samuel Ryan Benjamin
Beraud Matthew Frets Abraham Manley John Ryan Benjamin Jun.
Berry John Frickland Samuel Mann Newby Ryan John
Berry Thomas Fridrick James Mann Nuby Ryan Lacon
Berry William Fudge Jacob Mann Samuel Ryan Thomas
Bert John Fuisborn Alexander Mapp Littleton Saffold William Sen.
Beverley Henry Fulker Peter Marchbanks William Sakker Samuel
Biddy Edward Furlow Samuel Maretherw Robert Salter John
Biddy Thomas Furlow William Mark Joseph Salter John
Bikett Edward Furned Edward Marks Richard Sampbell John
Bird Daniel Galley James Marns William Sample John
Bird Samuel Gallman Harman Mars Robert Sanders Thomas
Bishop Abner Gallman John Conrad Marsh Samuel Sanders William
Bishop Robert Gallmon Gosport Marshall Abraham Sanderson John
Bishop Samuel Galloway John Martin George Sargent William
Black Peter Galphin George Martin James Sarratt/Spratt John
Black Robert Gamble John Martin James Sarratt/Surratt Samuel
Black Samuel Gamble Samuel Martin John Satterwhite Bartell
Black Thomas Gamble Turner Martin John Satterwhite John
Black William Gant Israel Martin Joseph Savage Samuel
Blackburn Daniel Garden William Martin Robert Savage William
Blackburn William Garey Thomas Martin Roger Sawyer John
Blackely John Garner James Martin Shadrach Saxon Benjamin
Blackley James Garner Samuel Martin Thomas Saxon Charles
Blackley Thomas Garratt John Martin William Scison William
Blackwell Charles Garratt John Matthews Isaac Scott James
Blackwood Joseph Garratt Robert Matthews Isaac Edward Scott John
Blair George Garrot Edward Matthews Joseph Scott Samuel
Blair William Garrot John Matthews Victer Scroggs John
Blakeley Chambers Garrot Silas Matthews William Seawright James
Blakeley David Garrot Thomas Matthews William Segler John
Blane Edward Gartman Daniel Maxwell John Sellars Thomas
Blassingham Thomas Geary John Mayban William Shanes John
Block John Geary Thomas Mayberry James Shank Matthew
Boby George Gentry Hezekiah Mayes Abner Shanklin Thomas
Boggen James Gentry John Mayes Andrew Sharp Martin
Boggen John Gentry John Mayes James Sharp William
Boggs John Gentry Nicholas Mayfield John Shaw Daniel
Boggs Robert George John Mayson James Shaw Daniel
Boggs Samuel Geroge David Mayson John Shaw John
Boiole John Ghent John Mcalpin Alexander Shaw Thomas
Boiole John Gibbes James Mcalpin Robert Shenkler William
Bolson Joseph Gibbes Philip Mcbee Vardry Shentrobser John
Boman William Gibbs Zachariah Mcbride Alexander Shepard James
Bond Robert Gibson Patrick Mccain James Sherer Francis
Bond William Gibson Robert Mccall James Shipes Jacob
Boone Thomas Gibson Thomas Mccarley William Shipley John
Boozard Jacob Gideon James Mccarter Moses Sigler David
Boozard John Gilbert Caleb Mccartey William Simms Nathan
Boozard Roody Gilbert John Mccartney Michael Simonw William
Boragne Peter Gilbert Jonathan Mccay Hugh Simpson Daniel
Bostick John Gilbert Peter Mcclean Sampson Simpson Hugh
Bostick John Gilder Jacob Mcclearing Daniel Simpson John
Bostick Littlebury Gilky Jonathan Mcclellan William Simpson Samuel
Bouchillon Joseph Gill Thomas Mcclellan William Simpson Samuel
Bouland William Gillam William Mcclendon Ezekiel Simpson William
Bouner James Gilleland William Mcclendon Joel Sims John
Bouthe James Gillespie Andrew Mccleskey David Jun. Sims Robert
Bowers David Gillespie James Mccleskey Joseph Single Frederick
Bowie John Gillespie Matthew Mcclintock James Singuefield Francis
Bowlin Abel Gillespie Matthew Jun. Mcclinton Samuel Sisson Frederick
Bowlin John Gillet Willian Mccloeskay Joseph Sloan James
Bowman Jacob Gillum John Mcclurken Thomas Smith B.
Box John Gillum John Mccole Gabriel Smith Benjamin
Box Joseph Gillum Robert Mccollister Nathan Smith Daniel
Boyce Thomas Gillum William Mccolloch James Smith Drury
Boyd Hugh Glantom John Mccomb Andrew Smith Elijah
Boyd James Glasgos Samuel Mccomb George Smith Ezekiel
Boyd John Glasgow James Mcconan James Smith George
Boyd Tobert Glen David Mcconnel William Smith Gerard
Boyd William Glen William Mccord Adam Smith Hancock
Boyer Adam Glover Frederick Mccord James Smith Jacob
Bramblet William Gobbooane Andrew Mccord John Smith John
Branan Alexander Gobbooane Andrew Mccrackon James Smith John
Brandon Charles Godfrey John Mccrae James Smith Joseph
Brandon John Godfrey John Mccrae John Smith Kitt
Brandon Richard Goggins Daniel Mccreary Alexander Smith Moses
Brandon Thomas Goggins George Mccreary Gilbert Smith Robert
Brawford John Goggins James Mccrery Robert Smith Robert
Brawford Moses Goggins William Mcculloch George Smith Samuel
Brazel David Golding Anthony Mcdaniel Angus Smith Smallwood
Breaseal Willes Golightly Shanes Mcdaniel Daniel Smith Thomas
Breden James Golightly William Mcdaniel William Smith Thomas
Breed Avery Golle William Mcdavid John Smith Thomas Keeling
Breed Joseph Gollman John Mcdavid Patrick Smith Thomas Reeling
Breshar Arthur Gonnel Giles Mcdonald Absolam Smith William
Brigs William Goode Mckernus Mcdonald Thomas Smithers Gabriel
Broadhead Thomas Goode Mekernis Mcdonald William Smothers Christopher
Brooks Elisha Goode William Mcdoogle Alexander Snipes Philip
Brooks Jacob Goodwin George Mcdoogle Alexander Sohnston Howell
Brooks Richard Goodwin John Mcdowell William Sohnston James
Brooks Thomas Goodwin Robert Mcdowell William Sorugs John
Broughton John Gordon Gavan Mcelve Samuel Sown John
Brown Coleman Gordon George Mcelwee William Spark John
Brown Esquire Gordon James Mcentire Daniel Sparks Jesse
Brown Francis Gordon Thomas Mcfarland John Spears Abraham
Brown Gabriel Gordon William Mcferron James Sen. Spears William
Brown Gabriel Jun. Gore Clement Mcgaw John Speir Robert
Brown James Gorey Daniel Mcgaw William Spencer John
Brown John Gorey John Mcgill James Sperdue Adam
Brown John Gorman Christopher Mcgill John Spiars William
Brown Nicholas Gorman John Mcgin Daniel Spraggins Nathaniel
Brown Samuel Goudalock Adam Mcgown James Springer Thomas
Brown Spill C. Graham Hugh Mcgown William Stare John
Brown William Graham James Mcherd John Stark Jeremiah
Browning William Grant William Mcjunkin Joseph Stark Robert
Bruver James Gray Abraham Mcjunkin Samuel Stark Thomas
Bryan Philip Gray Arthur Mckeany Thomas Starks Thomas
Bryson James Gray George Mckee Adam Starks Thomas
Bryson William Gray George Jun. Mckee Daniel Starns Ebenezer
Buchanan John Gray James Mckeen William Starns Ebenezer
Buchanan William Gray James Mckeney George Steadman John
Buckaleu Richard Gray John Mckinley John Stedam Zachariah
Buckalve Garret Gray Robert Mckinley William Stedman Henry
Buckfield Joseph Gray Thomas Mckinney Benjamin Steel Aaron
Buckhalter Michael Gray William Mckinney Roger Steel Isaac
Buckham Thomas Green Benjamin Mckinney Roger Steel John
Buckhatter Christian Green Bryan Mckinney Timothy Steel Samuel
Buffington Joseph Green Isham Mckissock Daniel Steen James
Bullock John Green Isham Mclemarr Francis Steen John
Bullock John Green Jacob Mclintock John Steen William
Bullock Nathaniel Green John, Jr. Mcmahon Cornelius Stephens James
Bullock Zachariah Green John, Sr. Mcmahon James Stephens William
Burden Thomas Green Thomas Mcmahon William Stephenson George
Burgess William Green Thomas Mcmartry Samuel Sterns Ebenezer
Burke Patrick Green Thomas Mosten Mcmaster Patrick Stevens Josiah
Burks John Green William Mcmaster William Stevenson James
Burney Andrew Greer John Mcmesterson Patrick Juhn Steward John
Burns James Greer Joseph Mcmillan James Steward William
Burnside James Greer Josiah Mcmillan John Stewart Alexander
Burton Benjamin Gregory Benjamin Mcmillan Matthew Stewart Isaac
Burton Joseph Gregory Isaac Mcmurdy Henry Stewart Joshua
Burton Joseph Gregory John Mcnass Robert Stewart Robert
Burton William Gregory Robert Mcneel Edward Stewart William
Busk Daniel Grey Joshua Mcneess James Stickman John
Bussey Charles Grfeer James Mcpherson John Stimson Enos
Bussey Edward Grier David Mcrun William Stocker Matthew
Bussey George Griffice John Mcteer William Stockman English
Butler Henry Griffin Anthony Mcwhortie George Stokman Engle
Butler James Griffin Benjamin Mcwhortie John Stone James
Butler Thomas Griffin Horatio Mcwill David Stone James
Cain James Griffin James Means Hugh Stone John
Cain John, Jr. Griffin John Mecrea Thomas Stone Robert
Cain Jonathan Griffin Richard Meeks John Stone William
Cain William Grigs Enoch Mefatrick John Strain John
Caldwell Curtis Grigs James Meguinas Thomas Strain Thomas
Caldwell James Grimes Nathan Mehanne Benjamin Strain William
Caldwell John Grindal John Mekelvain James Stringer George
Caldwell Joseph Grinsley John Melone Thomas Stuzengger John
Calhoun James Groce Joshua Melton Nathaniel Suber George
Calhoun John Guin Peter Melton Robert Sulivan Daniel
Calhoun John Ewing Gulberath James Melvil Robert Summerall Jacob Sen.
Calhoun Joseph Guyton Joseph Merriweather Robert Swanzey Robert
Calhoun Patrick Gwin Morris Merriweather Robert Swearengain John
Calhoun William Hacheeson William Merriweather William Swearengain Joseph
Campbell Angus Haggert Allen Merriweather William Swearengain Vann Jun.
Campbell James Hagins Thomas Meslemay William Swearengain Vann Sen.
Campbell James Hagton Daniel Messer Joseph Swindford John
Campbell Jesse Haigwood William Messer Robert Taggart John
Campbell John Hairston William Michel William Tarburt John
Campbell John Hall Alexander Mickam Joshua Tarr William
Campbell Joseph Hall James Middleton Andsworth Tate Jesse
Campbell William Hall John Middleton Hugh Tate Richard
Canedy William Hall Matthew Middleton John Tate William
Cannada John Hall William Miles Samuel Taylor Abraham
Cannon Ephraim Hallems William Miles Thomas Taylor Andrew
Cannon John Halloway John Miles William Taylor Champness
Cannon Samuel Hallum John Millar John Taylor Good
Cannon William Hames Randel Millegan James Taylor John
Capland George Hamilton Alexander Miller Andrew Taylor Jonathan
Cappock John Hamilton Andrew Miller James Taylor Reuben
Cappock Joseph Hamilton Andrew Jun. Miller John Taylor Samuel
Carethers Matthew Hamilton Archibald Miller Joseph Taylor William
Cargill Cornelius Hamilton John Millhouse Henry Teague Elijah
Caridine Abraham Hamilton Thomas Mims Drury Templeton David
Carisle Francis Hamilton William Mims John Templeton Robert
Carmichael Daniel Hammett James Minter John Teter William
Carmichael Joseph Hammond Jacob Mires Michael Thacker Joel
Carmon John Hammond John Mirthlan Matthew Thomas Charles
Carrithers James Hammond Leroy Mitchell Benjamin Thomas Daniel
Carroll Richard Hampton Benjamin Mitchell Flud Thomas Evan
Carson Charles Hampton Joseph Mitchell Isaac Thomas James
Carson James Hanby Samuel Mitchell John Thomas James
Carson James Hancock Clement Mith Philip Thomas John
Carson Joseph Hancock John Mitts Henry Thomas John
Carson Samuel Haney Maximillian, Mock George Sen. Thomas Joseph
Carson William Hannah James Mock John Thomas Nehemiah
Carter Benjamin Hannah William Mones John Thomas Samuel
Carter George Hanvey William Monk John Thomas William
Carter James Hardwick William Montgomery George Thompson Abraham
Carter John Harkins James Moore Benjamin Thompson Charles
Carter Joseph Harkins James Moore Hugh Thompson James
Carter Robert Harkins John Moore James Thompson John
Carter Silas Harkins Thomas Moore James Thompson Joseph
Carter Thomas Harland Walter Moore John Thompson Robert
Carter Thomas Harlin Aaron Moore John Thompson Samuel
Casey Abner Harlin George Moore Joseph Thompson Samuel
Castle James Harmon William Moore Joshua Thompson William
Chaffair Rain Harris Barton Moore Mordecai Thomson Matthew
Chandler Daniel Harris David Moore Patrick Thomson Robert
Chandler James Harris James Moore Richard Thorntonl Thomas
Chandler Joel Harris Jenkins Moore Robert Thrnbull Joseph
Chandler John Harris Jesse Moore Rochard Tikett Isaac
Chandler John Harris John Moore Thomas Tillet James
Chandler Shadrach Harris Levi Moore William Tilman Frederick
Chandler William Harris Robert Moore William Tilman Lewis
Chaney Bailey Harris Samuel Moore William Tilmon Frederick
Chaney George Harris Thomas Moorhead James Tilmon George
Chaney James Harris West Moorhead John Timberman Philip
Chaney James Jun. Harris William Morgan Evan Tiner Caleb
Chaney William Harrison Benjamin Morgan Henry Tinsley Isaac
Chaple James Harrison James Morgan Isaac Tinsley James
Chaves Thomas Harrison James Morgan Thomas Tinsley Manoah
Chester David Harrison Thomas Morgan William Tinsley Philip
Chevas Alexander Harron William Morrice John Tobler John
Childers David Harry Benjamin Morris Burrel Todd Archibald
Clark Alexander Harvey James Morris Edward Towles John
Clark Henry Harvey Philemon Morris John Towles Joseph
Clark John Harvey Thomas Morris Joseph Towles Oliver
Clark John Harvey William Morris Thomas Towles Stokley
Clark Lewis Hatcher Benjamin Morris William Towns John
Clark Thomas Hatcher Jameston Morrow Arthur Townsend John
Clark William Hatcher Robert Morrow George Tramel Thomas
Clark William Hathorn James Morrow James Trammell Daniel
Clockler John Hawkins Isaac Morrow Samuel Travaler Henry
Closk Joseph Hawkins James Moseley Benjamin Tuffel John James
Coak David Hawkins Nathan Moseley John Turk John
Coak John Hawkins Peter Moseley Robert Turk Theodosius
Coale John Hawkins Richard Moseley William Turnbull John
Coats Charles Hawkins William Mounts Barnabas Turner Absolam
Coats John Hawthorn James Mounts George Turner David
Coats Marmaduke Hays John Mudding John Turner Edward
Cobbs John Hays Joseph Mulheren James Turner George
Cobbs Samuel Hays Peter Murphey James Turner Gilbert
Cobenton Joseph Hays William Murphy James Turner John
Cochran Andrew Hazell Henry Murphy Roger Turner Thomas
Cochran John Heany John Murphy William Turner William
Cocks Thomas Heard Armstrong Murray Archibald Turney Charles
Coffer Thomas Heard Armstrong Murray James Tutt Benjamin
Cogburn John Heard James Murray John Tutt Richard
Cogburn John Heartel Henry Murray William Tutten Peter
Cogen William Hembre David Musgrove Edward Tweedy William
Cogen William Henderson Alexander Neal Benjamin Twitty Henry
Coiler Barnet Henderson David Neal Jonathan Tygert William
Coker Joseph Henderson James Neal William Unningham David
Colany Edward Henderson John Nealy James Vanhorn Benjamin
Cole John Henderson Samuel Nealy Samuel Vanjant Jacob
Coleman Abner Henderson Shadrach Neel Andrew Vann Edward
Coleman Christopher Henderson Thomas Neel George Vann John
Coleman Robert Hendricks Hans Neely Christopher Varnen James
Coleman William Hendricks Henry Neely George Varner John
Collier Benjamin Hendricks William Neely George Vasseks James
Collins Adam Henry William Neely Robert Vaughn William
Collins Joseph Henson Dorman Neighbors Samuel Verdiman William
Collins Moses Henton Allen Neighbour William Verjen Ejeniah
Colvin John Henyard John Neighbours Nathan Vessels Shadrach
Colwell Andrew Herbison William Neil James Vincent Jesse
Colwell Andrew Herndon John Nelly John Vlarey Daniel
Comer Frederick Herndon John Nelson Hugh Volentine John
Conel Jesse Herren William Nelton Robert Wade John
Conn George Herren William Newman John Wadell John
Cooda Archibald Hettell Joseph Newton John Wadleton Edward
Cook Benjamin Hghmane Jacob Nial Gasper Wadleton William
Cook Ely Hicks John Niblet John Wadlington James
Cook Isaac Hield John Nichols Charters Wadlington Thomas
Cook Isaac Hield William Nichols John Wafer Francis
Cook James Higgins James Nichols Solomon Wafford William
Cook Matthias Higgins Newton Nicholson Andrew Wakard William
Cook Thomas Hill James Nicholson David Waker Henry
Cooper Jacob Hill John Nicholson Wright Waker Matthias
Cooper Robert Hill Nicholas Nickels Nathaniel Waldrope James
Copai John Hill Samuel Nickols Julius Waldrope John
Cotton John Hill Thomas Nimmons William Waldrope Michael
Cotton Thomas Hill William Nipper James Wales Thomas
Couch Edward Hinton Robert Nisbett Joseph Walker Hezekiah
Coursey James Hodge Benjamin Nisbett Joseph Walker James
Coventon William Jun. Hodge Richard Nixon Edward Walker John
Coventon William Sen. Hodges Jacob Nixon Edward Walker Samuel
Cowan James Hog John Noble Alexander Walker Tundy
Cowan John Hogens Joseph Noble James Walker William
Cox Allen Holland Thomas Norrel James Wallace John
Cox John Holley Jacob Norrel Thomas Wallace Robert
Cox William Hollingsworth Abraham Norris Robert Walton John
Coxman Cornelius Hollingsworth Elias Norris Thomas Wardlaw John
Cozby John, Jr. Hollingsworth Enoch Norris William Wardlaw John
Craddock William Hollingsworth George Norris William Wardlaw Joseph
Craswell John Hollinsworth Toseph North Richard Wardlaw Joseph
Crawford Enes Holloday William North Thomas Ware George
Crawford George Holloday William Norwood John Ware Henry
Crawford James Jun. Holloway Caleb Norwood Samuel Waring Lott
Crawford James Sen. Holloway Obediah Nowland Avery Waring William
Crawford John Homes James Nox John Warren Hugh
Crawford Joseph Homes James Nutt John Waters Philemon
Crawford Moses Homes Walter O'neal Charles Waters Philemon
Crawford Robert Homes William O'neal Henry Watsman John
Crawford William Hood Robert O'neal Hugh Watsman John
Crawford William Sen. Hope John O'neal John Watson Arthur
Cray James Horton Hugh O'neal William Watson John
Cresley William Hossey Daniel Oats Peter Watson Lewis
Crey Moses Hossey Daniel Jun. Odam Hezekiah Watt James
Creyton Hugh Howard John Odle John Watt Samuel
Crise Richard Howard Nathaniel Odom Abraham Watt Thomas
Croak Jonathan Howard Obidah Odom Jacob Watts John
Cromer Jacob Howard Peter Offutt Archibald Weardlaw Hugh
Crompton Samuel Howard Seth Oliphant John Weaver Aaron
Crooks Andrew Howell Nathaniel Orr James Webb Andrew
Crosen Alexander Huddleston William Orr William Webb James
Crosen James Hudson David Osborne Daniel Weed Reuben
Crosen Thomas Huggins Patrick Otterson Samuel Weedingman Christian
Crossley George Huggins William Owens John Weems James
Crow Charles Hughes George Owings Andrew Weems Thomas
Crowte John Hughes James Owings Richard Welkin William
Crum Henry Hughes John Pace Drury Wells Elijah
Crumley John Hughes John Paget Elijah Wells James
Culp Harman Hughes Richard Palmer Ellis Wells John
Cummins James Hughes William Palmer James Wells Matthew
Cunningham Andrew Hughmane Peter Palmer John Wells Thomas
Cunningham James Humphreys David Pamer Isaac Welsh David
Cunningham John Humphreys William Park Anthony Welst Thomas
Cunningham John Hundon William Park James West William
Cunningham Joseph Hunt John Parker Charles West William Jun.
Cunningham Patrick Hunter David Parker Isaac Wharton Samuel
Cunningham Robert Hunter John Parker Jonathan White Alexander Sen.
Cunningham Thomas Hunter John, Jr. Parker Joseph White Andrew
Cunningham Unknown Huston James Parker William White James
Cureton William Huston Samuel Parmer John White John
Curry John Hutchinson Joseph Parnell James White John
Curry Nicholas Hutchinson Stephen Parrot Charles White Joseph
Cuvall Lewis Hutchinson William Parten Jesse White Nathan
Daivs William Hutten William Partin Charles White William
Dalrymple James Hyle Adam Partman Henry Whitel Borris
Dalrymple John Inman Benjamin Partor Josiah Whitfield George
Dalrymple Samuel Inman Jehu Patrick Gabriel Whitmore Jaohn
Dalton Henry Inman Joshua Patterson Joseph Whitmore Joseph
Dalton Thomas Insco Edward Patterson Josiah Whittone Ambrose
Dampbell William Irwin Alexander Patterson Peter Wilfor Thomas
Daugherty Daniel Irwin John Patterson Samuel Wilkinson John
Daugherty James Istes Zachariah Patton John Wilkison John
Davenport Francis Jackson Daniel Patton Samuel Willard John
Davenport Isaac Jackson Samuel Patton William Williams Charles
Davenport Joseph Jackson Thomas Pattypooles Peter Williams Daniel
Davenport William James Charles Paulk Jacob Williams Hopkins
David John James Charles Peacock Henry Williams Isaac
Davidson John Jay John Pearson Enoch Williams James
Davidson Joseph Jefferies Nathaniel Pearson Harry Williams Jeremiah
Davidson Thomas Jenkins David Pearson John Williams John
Davis Bemjamin Jester David Pearson John Williams Lud
Davis Chesley Jevelah Henry Pearson John Williams Nimrod
Davis Clement Joel Ratcliffe Pearson Joseph Williams Providence
Davis Herman John Charles Little Pearson Thomas Williams Reuben
Davis James John Samuel Little Pearson William Williams Richard
Davis John Johnson Alexander Peekins Robert Williams Thomas
Davis John Johnson Daniel Pemberton George Williamson Andrew
Davis Moses Johnson Hugh Pemberton Isaiah Williamson Thomas
Davis Nathan Johnson John Penny Henry Willwee Whiliam
Davis Patrick Johnson John Perdue Field Wilson Charles
Davis Robert Johnson John, Jr. Perdue Field Wilson Hugh
Davis William Johnson William Perrin William Wilson James
Davis Zachariah Johnson William Perry John Wilson James
Dawkins George Johnston Francis Perry Thomas Wilson John
Dawkins Thomas Johnston Henry Pescott John Wilson John
Dawkins William Johnston James Petteet Tobias Wilson Michael
Day John Johnston John Pettey Charles Wilson Nathaniel
Day Peter Johnston John Pettey James Wilson Robert
Deal Alexander Johnston Joseph Pettigrew George Wilson Robert
Deal Clement Johnston Michael Pettigrew James Jun. Wilson Russel
Deal Harten Johnston Nathan Pheagins Philip Wilson Thomas
Deal William Johnston Thomas Philips James Wilson Thomas
Dealwood John Johnston William Phillips John Wilson Wamuel
Dean George Jolley James Phillips William Wilson William
Dean Richard Jolley Joseph Pickens Andrew Wilson William
Dean Thomas Jolley William Pickens Israel Winbush Samuel
Dean Thomas Jones Adam Crain Pickens John Winchester William
Decaskar Peter Jones Andrew Pickens John, Jr. Wise John
Deloch Michael Jones Charles Pickens John, Sr. Wiseman Hugh
Delote Thomas Sen. Jones Dacker Pickens Jonathan Wiseman Robert
Dendey Thomas Jones Daniel Pickens Joseph Wisw George
Dendey William Jones David Pierce Thomas Withers Jacob
Dennis Samuel Jones Francis Pinkett Thomas Withers Samuel
Denny Edward Jones Frederick Pinkston John Witsell John
Devall Michael Jones Gideon Pitts Charles Wofford William
Devour Matthew Jones Henry Pitts Daniel Wood Joseph
Dewberry Giles Jones Jacob Pitts Henry Wood Peter
Dewitt Samuel Jones James Pitts Levi Wood Solomon
Dial Jeremiah Jones Jesse Pitts William Wood Thomas
Dial William Jones John Plumer Daniel Wood William
Dicket Thomas Jones John Plumer William Woodall William
Dickey Hector Jones Joseph Plunket Robert Woods William
Dickey Hector Jones Joshua B. Plunkett Charles Woodson Benjamin
Dickey Robert Jones Nicholas Plunkett James Word Thomas
Dickey Robert Jones Richard Pollard James Wqalker William
Dickhart Michael Jones Stephen Ponder James Wright Abraham
Dickson Arthur Jones Thomas Poor Holloway Wright Jacob
Dickson William Jones William Pope Solomon Wright John
Dillard Nicholas Jordan Adam Porter Hugh Wright William
Divour Matthew Jordan Thomas Porterfield John Wright William
Doby Nathaniel Journey John Portman John Wyatt Solomon
Doller John Joyner Jeremiah Posey Harrison Wylly David
Donaho John Karr Peter Posey John Wylly Henry
Donaldson Matthew Keating Edward Possey Francis Yates Thomas
Doolittle Joseph Keller John Postan Jonathan Yeldon Robert
Doolittle Samuel Kelly Edward Potter Adam Young Hugh
Dorris William Kelly Hugh Potts George Young James
Dosson Britton Kelly Isaac Pounds John Young Jesse
Douglass Hugh Kelly James Powell Jacob Young John
Douglass Hugh Kelly James Powell Nathaniel Young Joseph
Douglass James Kelly James Jun. Powell Richard Young Matthew
Douglass John Kelly Joseph Powell Samuel Young Robert
Douglass John Kelly Richard Prator Basel Young Thomas
Douglass John, Jr. Kelly Samuel Pratt William Young William
~ ~ Kennedy Edmond ~ ~ Zubly David

Loyalist lists published on November 8, 1779 and on November 19, 1779

Surname First name Surname First name
Adington James Jir, Sr.(?) Edward
Barton Benjamin Kuzner Nathan
Barton James Langston Josiah
Beley David Layne Edward
Beley Zachariah Lee Bazil
Benson William Lee William
Bishop Abner Lee, Jr. William
Bishop Elijah Livingston John
Bishop Goulding Livingston Martin
Boyd John Mahon John
Brutcher Arthur Mayfield Stephen
Busbe Miles McLellen Charles
Coller Barnet McNilk Daniel
Colman Christopher Medool Benjamin
Colman Robert More David
Cunningham William More George
Dalrymple John Mosley John
Daugherty James Murphy John
Daugherty, Jr. James Murphy Wm.
Davis, Sr. Philip Nealy James
Dawkins Geo. Nealy, Jr. James
Dayly, Jr. Alezander Niveld Tho.
Dayly, Sr. Alexander Otway John
Deper William Plumer Daniel
Elison Thomas Poston Timothy
Emory John Potts John
Fady James Powell Jacob
Ferham Hugh Powell Robert
Foullous Joshua Proctor Samuel
Fowler Richard Reas David
Fridig John Richoater Frederick
Gelge Abraham Sleice Conrad
Gray Isaac Smith Samuel
Green Henry Spanoson Aaron
Griggory Benjamin Speirgen John
Griggory John Suber Christopher
Harvey James Suber Gotleb
Hasten Henry Teniseley James
Heipe John Thompson Wm.
Hemes Randall Tubnure John
Hillon Nathaniel Weedingham Credily
Hils John Wells Elijah
Holmes Wm. Wood William
Hunter John Wright James
Jackson Thomas Young Barnet

Spartan Division of Ninety Six District Grand Jury List

Surname First name Surname First name
Addis Richard Journey John
Aiken Lewis Kelly Richard
Akin Peter Kennedy William
Allen David Kennedy Edmond
Anderson John Kennedy John
Anderson Richard King Thomas
Anesworth James Kissock Daniel
Bailey John Landtrys Shadrach
Barnes William Laton Joshua
Barrett Richard Laton Thomas
Bates Joseph Lattimer Francis
Bayley George Lee Michael
Below Riney Lee William
Benson James Ley Richard
Biddy Edward Liles John
Biddy Thomas Linam George
Bikett Edward Little George
Bird Samuel Little John
Bishop Robert Little Jones
Blassingham Thomas Little Joseph
Bogan James Littlejohn Charles
Boggan John Littlejohn Samuel
Boggan John Long Henry
Bolson Joseph MacKelvain James
Bond William Mapp Littleton
Brandon Richard Marchbanks George
Brandon Thomas Marchbanks William
Brandon Charles Martin James
Brandon John Martin John
Breed Avery Massey James
Breed Joseph Mayberry James
Brown Gabriel Mayes Abner
Brown Esquire Mayes Andrew
Brown James Mayes James
Brown, Jr. Gabriel Mayfield John
Browning William McBee Vardry
Bryan Philip McClearing Daniel
Buckfield Joseph McClelan William
Buffington Joseph McCord Adam
Buffington Joseph McDoogle Alexander
Bullock Zachariah McDougal Alexander
Burk Patrick McJunkin Joseph
Bush Daniel McJunkin Samuel
Busk Daniel McKee Daniel
Cain Jonathan McLemarr Francis
Cain William McMillen John
Caldwell Curtis McNeal Edward
Campbell James McPherson John
Campbell John McRun William
Chandler John McWhortie George
Clark Henry McWhortie John
Clark Henry Means Hugh
Clark John Means William
Clark William Mehanne Benjamin
Coak John Mekelvain James
Cocks Thomas Melone Thomas
Coiler Barnet Michel William
Coleman Abner Mickam Joshua
Coleman Christopher Millhouse Henry
Coleman Robert Moore Hugh
Coleman William Moore Patrick
Coleman William Moore Robert
Collins Joseph Moore William
Collins Moses Moorhead James
Conel Jesse Moorhead John
Connel Giles Morgan William
Cook David Moseley John
Cook Thomas Nelson Hugh
Cooke Ely Nelton Robert
Cooper Jacob Nisbett Joseph
Crise Richard Nixon Edward
Croak Jonathan Nuckolls John
Crossly George Orr James
Cruse Richard Orr William
Cunningham John Otterson Samuel
Curry Nicholas Palmer Ellis
Davidson Joseph Palmer James
Davison John Palmer John
Davison John Park James
Dean Thomas Parker Isaac
Denny Edward Parker Jonathan
Dewberry Giles Parker Jonathan
Driper Thomas Parnell James
Dutton Jeremiah Patrick Gabriel
Dutton Jermiah Patterson Peter
Earnest George Patton William
Eastwood Lawrence Paulk Jacob
Elliott John Pearson John
Fanning James Penny Henry
Faris Robert Petteet Tobias
Farmer Joel Pettypools Peter
Farr William Phillips James
Favours Reuben Pinckston John
Fincher Amuel Pinkston John
Fincher Amuel Plumer Daniel
Fletchall Thomas,  Col Plumer William
Fletchall Thomas,  Col Portman John
Fordren James Possey Francis
Foster Alexander Postan Jonathan
Foster Andrew Potter Adam
Foster John Potts George
Foster Moses Powell Jacob
Foster William Powell Richard
Fraser Isaac Prichard John
Furlow Samuel Pritchard John
Gentry Hezekiah Pruett David
George David, Col Pruett Dudley
Gibbes Zacharias Qualls Moses
Gibbes James Queen Hugh
Gibbes Philip Rhoden Thomas
Gibbs Zacharias Ridingham John
Gilky Jonathan Ridingman John
Gillam William Roberts Walter
Golightly Shanes Robertson Patrick
Golightly William Robertson Patrick
Goodwin George Robinson Joseph
Goodwin John Robinson Mathew
Gordon Gavan Robinson Nathaniel
Gordon Gavin Rodgers Robert
Gordon William Rodgers William
Goudalock Adam Rogers William
Grant William Roundtree Richardson
Gray James Roundtree Turner
Green Jacob Ryan Thomas
Green Thomas Ryan Thomas
Gregory Benjamin Safford, Sr. William
Gregory Isaac Salter John
Gregory Isaac Sanders William
Gregory John Savage William
Gregory Robert Scison William
Grimes Nathan Scroggs John
Grindal John Shanes John
Grindall John Sharp William
Guyton Joseph Shaw Daniel
Hagton Daniel Shipley John
Hagton Daniel Simons William
Hames Randel Simpson Samuel
Hammet James Simpson William
Hammett James Smith Handcock
Hammond Jacob Smith John
Hardwick William Smith Robert
Harlin Aaron Smith Samuel
Harlin George Smith Thomas
Harmon William Smith William
Harris David Spears William
Harris Robert Springer Thomas
Hawkins Isaac Stedham Zachariah
Hawkins James Steen James
Hawkins John Steen John
Hawkins Nathan Steen William
Hawkins Richard Steene James
Hawkins William Taggart John
Hayes John Tarr William
Heany John Tate Jesse
Hembre David Tate William
Hield John Taylor John
Hield William Taylor John
Hill James Teter William
Hill William Thomas Charles
Hollensworth Elias Thomas Daniel
Hollensworth Enoch Thomas Evan
Hollinsworth Elias Thomas James
Hollinsworth Enoch Thomas John,  Col
Hollinsworth Jeph Thompson John
Homes Walter Thompson John
Hope John Thompson Samuel
Horton Hugh Tillet James
Howard Obediah Towns John
Howard Peter Townsend John
Hudson David Tramel Thomas
Hughes Richard Trammel Daniel
Hughes William Traveler Henry
Hughley John Turner George
Insco Edward Twitty Henry
Istes Zachariah Varnen James
Jackson Daniel Varnen James
Jackson Daniel Vincent Jesse
Jackson Samuel Warren Hugh
Jackson Thomas Weedingman Christian
James Charles Welkin William
Jefferies Nathaniel Wells Elijah
Johnston James White John
Johnston John Williams Thomas
Jolley Joseph Wilson John
Jolley William Wilson Robert
Jolly James Wilton Thomas
Jolly Joseph Wofford William
Jones Charles Wofford William
Jones John Wofford William,  Col
Jones Stephen Wofford William,  Col
Jones William Wood William
Journey John Woodson Benjamin
Kelly Richard Wright William

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